About Soulfulness™


About Soulfulness™

There is a force in us that animates us and gives us life. The nature and essence of this force is unknowable, a great mystery. Because we have only one life, it is our obligation to express this energy in a way that allows us to thrive and evolve as a natural impulse of evolution, to know ourselves and to become more of ourselves, to express who we really are, what we desire and what gives us a sense of wellbeing and meaning and to do this in a way that enhances life for all beings. This means living life intentionally, authentically and with a sense of purpose. If we do not stay in touch with what is true in us, we risk dying an unlived life, which is to say, we risk not living an authentic and meaningful life of our own making. To live a life that is truly our own, we need Soulfulness™.

That is the purpose of my work – to bring more Soulfulness™ into the world. This means connecting with and expressing the soul which is the life-giving force in our bodies and which can only be expressed through us. If we block it or suppress, it will not exist and it will be lost. The responsibility for expressing ourselves as only we can lies solely with us. This means we need to reclaim authority for our own lives. It is not the responsibility of our parents, our partners, our children, the government or any other authority to direct our lives. It is our responsibility. The ability to be responsible for our own lives is true freedom. And it costs everything. It requires that we question everything we think we are or should be and everything we have been taught or programmed to be. No-one can know what the ultimate truth is. We must know things as we experience them. This is the practice of Soulfulness™.

Through tracking dreams, journaling, bodywork, authentic movement, transformational conversation, breath work and artistic expression, I have developed the art and practice of Soulfulness™ which I now share with clients wanting to bring more soulfulness into their work and lives. These soul journeys are designed for people wanting to live an authentic and meaningful life, a life defined by choice and freedom. It requires a willingness to explore the inner world, a desire to free oneself from limiting patterns and a wish to become a whole human being.

My life is a contribution to bringing more Soulfulness™ into the world. Soulfulness™ is a path of self-discovery, expression and wholeness. It is an alchemical path of transformation and evolution. It is a path of reclaiming power. It is a power that has nothing to do with force, control, status or money. It has everything to do with the courage to allow what is hidden within you to emerge and to be at ease with the unknown, the unsolvable mystery of existence and the infinite to which you are inexorably connected. You need go nowhere as long as you are fully where you are. It is a path of awakening and remembering who you are. Many people miss out on the gift of themselves as they journey through life. They know a lot of things, they know a lot of people and places, but they do not know themselves, the greatest gift they have been given. Soulfulness™ is a return to self, a homecoming, a journey towards wholeness and healing. It includes all aspects of ourselves, even those that have been buried, denied or lost.  It allows the beauty of who we are to be what we do. It gives us the power to shape our lives to what is shaping them. It guides us to move towards what we need and away from what we do not need. It develops inner seeing and hearing. And a sense of our true value. A value that emanates from inside of us. It allows us to recognise that our being is our true value.

“If there is light in the soul,

There will be beauty in the person.

If there is beauty in the person,

There will be harmony in the house.

If there is harmony in the house,

There will be order in the nation.

If there is order in the nation,

There will be peace in the world.


Our task is not to create more images of light, but to release the light that is trapped within the darkness.”


C.G. Jung

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