About Soulfulness™


About Soulfulness™

We live in increasingly complex, chaotic and uncertain times.  Climate change, new business landscapes, overpopulation, natural disasters, economic and political instability, global pandemics and diminishing resources, among others, are challenging our current paradigms and 

We have the opportunity in our lifetimes to participate in the creation and evolution of life on earth. We need leaders who are attuned to the underlying forces governing life and who are able to work harmoniously in co-operation with others to form strategic alliances and collaborate across the divides of politics, geographies and ideologies, challenge the status quo and respond creatively to the challenges we now face. The problems we face cannot be solved with the thinking that created them. We need new mindsets. 

We need leaders who are resilient, compassionate, connected, aware and continuously learning, adapting, challenging and innovating. These are the leaders we need to be if we are to create the change we want to see. If we are not seeing the changes we want, we need to question who we are. We do what we do because of who we are. Are we really who we think we are? And what is it we believe together? Do we even know what we believe together? What do we truly value? What are our common values? What is missing from the current paradigm or models which influence what we see and do?

These are some of the questions I explore with clients in the leadership journeys I facilitate. These are dynamic journeys of discovery and exploration of self, others and the world. Using awareness practices, reflection, direct experience, intuition, imagination and leadership conversations, we challenge old notions of self, value and growth and bring more soulfulness to work and life. Soulfulness is not about having or doing more. It’s not about being better or bigger. It’s a process of aligning to true values and purpose, of restoring soul, of experiencing, exploring and discovering self and others and aligning individual and collective actions to intent. What we do is because of who we are and who we are is not who we think we are. The identification with thoughts and beliefs about who we are, has led us to the current state of a world divided and disconnected. And it is time for a new paradigm.

It’s what inspired me to create Soulfulness™, a vehicle and process for bringing more soulfulness into life and work. Soulfulness™ is an antidote to the old model of more and bigger and better. It is a process of restoring and repairing the individual and collective soul in organisations through leadership conversations, transformational leadership journeys, mindfulness and awareness practices to cultivate mind clarity, empathy and presence. Soulfulness™ is a process of discovery, expression and wholeness. It is an alchemical path of transformation and evolution, collaborating with the evolutionary impulse of life.

I work in collaboration with a strategic network of business, mindfulness and leadership facilitators and coaches to provide fit for purpose solutions to clients in a quest to rediscover soul and co-create organizational spaces that work for everyone. It is a process of connection and inclusion that facilitates a shift from division to inclusion, disconnection to connection, from exhaustion to whole being presence, from devaluing to revaluing being human, from ego to eco-awareness and from surviving to thriving. My work is a contribution to bringing more soulfulness into the world.


“If there is light in the soul,

There will be beauty in the person.

If there is beauty in the person,

There will be harmony in the house.

If there is harmony in the house,

There will be order in the nation.

If there is order in the nation,

There will be peace in the world.


Our task is not to create more images of light, but to release the light that is trapped within the darkness.”


C.G. Jung

About the Founder


B Bus Science (Finance) ( Hons); PGDip (Accounting)

I facilitate leadership conversations and journeys of discovery and exploration of self, others and the world, using ancient wisdom, science, intuition, imagination, direct experience, artistic processes and awareness practices including sensory, breath, mind, body, presence, being, collective and wholeness awareness.

This integrated approach offers clients new possibilities to grow and flourish, and to connect deeply to self, others, the and the mystery of life, and in the process, transform limiting patterns and habits, unlock potential and creativity, build coherence and resilience and discover and explore the deep intelligence and creative spark in their beings and in the field of intelligence and creative energy that informs all of life, an evolutionary impulse that is billions of years old.

Since 1998, I have worked with thousands of individuals on personal, learning, leadership, team and organizational journeys in learning institutions, business schools, universities, small, medium and large businesses, including global listed companies and government and non-government organizations across diverse sectors such as mining, manufacturing, retail and banking.

I am committed to evolving consciousness and supporting others in emergent evolutionary processes to build growth mindsets and skills for effectively navigating the unknown. These include mind clarity, empathy, collaborative ability, awareness, agile and adaptive thinking, virtual communication, resilience, creativity, leadership and social influence. This enables clients to access new possibilities for growth, transform limiting patterns and habits, discover their talents, gifts and unique purpose and contribution, unlock potential and creativity, challenge the status quo, shift paradigms, build coherence and resilience and direct their intentions into form through authentic, courageous, co-creative, collaborative and conscious actions that contribute to a connected, compassionate and sustainable world that works for all.

My personal evolution journey started in 1990 and has taken me into the vast and greatest unexplored terrain of the mystery of who we are. Nobody knows what the ultimate truth is. We can only know what we experience. To know ourselves requires the willingness to be open, courageous, and authentic. My personal self-discovery and learning journey with wisdom teachers and experts in multi-disciplinary fields has evolved into the wisdom practices and spaces I hold for clients to connect, grow and evolve.

My self-development journey has meandered through multi-disciplinary modalities including Jungian psychology and Jungian analysis, Kahuna, Iyengar Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Body Alignment, Body Talk, Transformational Breathwork, Body Stress Release, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Homeopathy, Functional Medicine, Active Imagination, Dream Analysis, Rebirthing, Kinesiology, Reiki, Massage and Reflexology, Rolfing, Nia, Modern Dance, Biodanza, Blissdance, Soul Painting, Poetry, Writing, Astrology, Mary Whitehouse’s Authentic Movement, Marion Woodman’s BodySoul Rhythms, Creative Consciousness Coaching, Shamanic Initiations and Training, Family and Shamanic Constellations, Biographical Counselling, Anthroposophy and Psychophonetics. My learning journey has deepened my understanding and direct experience of the development of the self and the nature of the psyche, mind and body and has evolved into the wisdom practices and processes I share with clients. My perspective on development as a psychophysiological process enables me to approach development from an integral perspective and bridge the divide between multi-disciplinary approaches to development and transformation through the Soulfulness™ process.

My work is a contribution to the evolution of consciousness, realization of self and the experience of self as a harmonious, interconnected and undivided wholeness. I love walking, writing and creative expression, facilitating transformational processes, communing with nature for inspiration and being with my family and friends. I see myself as an artist and my life as a work of art, the art of living soulfully in the moment.

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