You in me

Sometimes found

Always longing to know

To dance the one dance that

Unites us

One breath

In you 

In me

One love

One gaze into your eyes

Seeing me seeing you

Melting in your presence

The world dissolves into 

a song

A line

A longing a poem

A dance


Into singing writing longing dancing sculpting painting


To grasp your holy presence for a moment

Is to rest in eternity

The outward vestures of Beauty and Grace

All around me

Is the mirror of your face

Gazing into mine

The illusion of together

And apart, here and there, then and now

Shattered with One Glance

The Glance in me

Looking back at you

Seeing me

God sees us through the same eyes that we see God

Crystal morning dew on 

Long lazy leaves

Melt in the presence of the sun

Their Beloved

The Sun Shams casts rays indiscriminately

On the rosy hills

Thick indigenous forest greens

Luminous cat eyes in the dark

Show us the way

In the lost lonely night

The moon

Its entourage

All matter

Spirit in 

The Dance of the Beloved