Remember when

A “state of mind” including

Confusion and despair

Was adult lingo designed to

Enfuriate your

Enquiring mind


Food and clothes and mom and dad were

The centre of your world and

Around them and between them

Friends and teachers grew

Some, weeds of rebellion

Others, blossoms of surrender

To the growing world and bearers of the 


The truth that became the substance of your

Existence and the subject of your fall into


Those were the times of unburdened

Innocence, of unquestioning

Love, of unyielding


They were the times of simple, constant wholesomeness

To which you surrendered your life

In which you grew in a way

Understood only by 


(if you were lucky)

But you grew and you are

Consumed by confusion and despair

And the inconstancy of love and life

What innocence

What hope 

What great loss

You mourn as you pause to 

Remember when….