Finally love dies (lives)

After years of unmet needs and 

Unlived fantasies, unspoken desires and unseen truths

As you look into the mirror

A thousand lovers’ faces look back at you or the face of the one

You so loved and who you thought loved you.

Fragments of love

Found and lost

The mirrors come crashing down

A million little pieces

The love story of your life

No point in trying to put it back together

A new day

A new lover rises phoenix-like out of the ashes of your past

You look in the mirror and looking back at you

Is the golden glow, the soft round curves, the time engraved lines

And the all-seeing eyes of the one who has known you all your life

Whose love for you endures beyond a thousand deaths

Nowhere to go nothing to do except give in to this love

A love that knows no boundaries, limits or fears

A love born from peace, acceptance, humility and utter contentment

A love pure in heart melting all in its presence

Lover and beloved dissolved in one embrace

This kiss a kiss of eternity

A state of Grace

A surrender to Truth

This love

The only love that lives

It is you

You in the mirror

Finally after all these years

Resting in the knowing, truth and being of your own presence.