I am not an instrument of the world’s narcissistic need

Forgive me if my revelations and discoveries offend

I am me

I am free

I am an instrument of peace, love and tolerance

What I sow, I reap

There has been no other like me and will never be again in all of time

The seeds of my existence grow in the invisible field

Planted by the unfathomable mystery

All beings grow by this Grace

Breathe in the same life-giving force

Every out breath an extraordinary expression of individual being

Billions of possibilities in every moment to bring the seeds to life

There is no dying after death

We die only while we are alive

The point is to live fully

In order to die wholly(holy)

To the one life you can call your own

Do not take my word for it

Do not follow me

Do not believe what I have said or written

Do not believe what you have been taught or what has been passed down to you by tradition

Unless through careful observation, analysis and reason

You discover that knowing this, acting on this

Benefits you and the whole

Sow your own seed

Live your own life

Radiate the possibility lying dormant in your being

With each breath you have been given

A gift of grace

Take a step you can call your own

Do not walk on a path others have intended for you

However good their intentions

The universe is waiting with great anticipation

To taste the fruit of your labour

Allow the ripening

Ask yourself what your greatest passion is

Remind yourself what you love

Act on this love

In peace and with tolerance for all beings

Your way is no more right than theirs

Each way is a ripple in the ocean

A holographic imprint

Look in the mirror and remember the beauty of the one looking back at you

None other like you or ever will be again in all of time

Feel the pulse of your life rushing through your heart

Every beat announcing your arrival

Every moment, an opportunity to be born

Hear the music of your own voice

Your song a river flowing towards the ocean of eternity


Arrive now

Arrive before you leave

Live before you die


Live now