I want to feel the warmth of the morning sun on my face

Through a window looking out onto a fluorescent garden

I want to walk on a deserted beach and feel the sand sliding through my toes

I want to float on the wild waves and be carried to shore

And caressed by the gentle water as it carries out its rhythmic ritual

I want to drive on an open road

With music in my ears

And the wind playing with my hair

I want to climb a rocky slope with determination

And feel the sweat forcing through my tired pores

To seek refuge from my heaving body

I want to run through a field of wild flowers

As fast as I can

And collapse in happy exhaustion

Onto a mattress of grass and sleep

Cradled by the soft earth and baked by the warm sun

I want to walk through a green forest

So dense that the sun struggles to be seen

On a path carved by millions of other happy feet

To a lost waterfall

And hear the symphony of dancing droplets

Crashing onto the helpless rocks in their path

And reshaping them with persistent pressure

I want to see, feel, hear, touch


From this distant lonely place across the sea

To which I wandered

To seek serenity and understanding and purpose

I see my land of dreams

And I know

It is my home

It is my life

It is my love

And I need search no more