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About Soulfulness™

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of being…” – Carl Jung

There is a force in us that animates us and gives us life. The nature and essence of this force is unknowable, a great mystery. Because we have only one life, it is our obligation to express this energy in a way that allows us to thrive and evolve as a natural impulse of evolution, to know ourselves and to become more of ourselves, to express who we really are, what we desire and what gives us a sense of wellbeing and meaning and to do this in a way that enhances life for all beings. This means living life intentionally, authentically and with a sense of purpose. If we do not stay in touch with what is true in us, we risk dying an unlived life, which is to say, we risk not living an authentic and meaningful life of our own making. It is a path of surrender, self-love and adventuring into the unknown. To live a life that is truly our own, we need Soulfulness™.

Soulfulness™ Sessions

Soulfulness™ sessions take the form of individual face to face or online sessions, couple sessions, group sessions and retreats.

Using emergent experience and presencing practice, I support clients wanting to bring more Soulfulness™ into their lives. The process builds embodied awareness and removes barriers to wholeness. Through the process, we venture into the unknown and build accountability and responsibility for self, other and the world and a sense of authentic being. It is an ecological practice of soul making. Soul ecology.

​This is a path of knowing oneself through direct experiencing rather than through accumulating knowledge. As a result we rely on the innate potential in the individual to reveal the path to wholeness. No prior experience or knowledge is necessary for such a journey of discovery. What is needed is a willingness to evolve and grow, openness to the unknown and trust in the process. It is a path of surrender and self-love.


I have worked with Carmen for the past 7 years, during which time she has designed and delivered multiple leadership processes and programs for blue chip clients across financial services, mining, retail, manufacturing and public sectors. Carmen has a special gift for understanding how personal challenges and blind spots impact the effectiveness and success of leaders and teams. She has designed executive through middle management development programmes to shift leaders thinking, grow awareness and build confidence and skills. Carmen’s insight, empathy and capability, mixed with a deep passion for making a difference in people’s lives and improving leadership performance and business results, has produced user experiences that resonate deeply with the individuals and teams she works with. Almost without exception Carmen receives exceptional feedback from those on her programmes. I have not come across a process facilitator who consistently achieves 100% ratings from participants. Similarly, our client sponsors talk to the improvements in individual performance and re-alignment and purposing of the teams, she works with.  Carmen is a pleasure to work with. Client focused, authentic, creative, reliable and reflective of her own personal growth and learning, she is constantly pushing the envelope to improve the outcomes and impact of the processes she designs and runs. Some of the most creative work I have done has been guided and influenced by Carmen. Carmen is a consummate professional and I have no hesitation in recommending her for any role where she is able to apply her experience and expertise.” – Lindsay Falkov, Director, EY People Advisory Services (PAS): Africa Talent Lead.

“Carmen is driven by a desire to help others reach their fullest potential and evolve towards wholeness. She is also deeply committed to inner work and is constantly learning and growing. Ever since I first met her on a “Woman Within Workshop” in the UK I have been struck by her power, wisdom, depth, her commitment to do both her own inner work with courage and to facilitate the same for others. She is highly intelligent, driven, and well as emotionally aware and intelligent. She is authentic and deeply compassionate. I have a deep respect for her as both a friend and a colleague. She is resilient, compassionate, an excellent listener and has a strong and containing presence. Those who are around Carmen are profoundly impacted by her. She is able to work with teams on the highest of levels and to make everyone feel valued and heard. She is also highly intelligent and innovative, as well as capable; as is reflected in the unique ways she teaches others (from accounting in her early career to leadership and transformational work currently). She has been through much in her life, and as a result has been on a journey of discovery, healing and meaning from a young age. She has explored many healing modalities, all of which will hold her in good stead. She is a deep thinker, courageous, dedicated and disciplined and has achieved much of what she has set out to do in her life. I have no hesitation in my belief of her potential to continue to develop or to recommend this multifaceted, musical, poetic, creative, empathetic, practical, caring, and special human being.” – Linda Kantor (PhD), Counselling Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and yoga teacher, co-founder of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programme in Cape Town, and Institute for Mindfulness South Africa.

“Carmen is brave and shows courage to step into the shadow realm, knowing that to do so is in service to herself and her community. I deeply appreciate Carmen’s ability to show compassion and lack of judgment in her work and relationships. She remains open to outcome, approaching the unknown with an attitude of curiosity and learning. She is courageous in facing up to difficult questions that arise in her work with clients or in her own journey. She is a lifelong learner, with a boundless energy for new ideas, thoughts, concepts, and tools that equip her to mediate effectively between the realms of the conscious and unconscious. She has a deep desire for continual learning and to develop insights into our human condition and the unconscious dynamics that shape our experiences. Over 20 years of professional experience, Carmen has built a strong foundation of skills, self-awareness, and knowledge.” – Gitanjali Maharaj, Group Executive: Culture Transformation, Absa Group Ltd (Banking and Financial Services

“I really appreciate how much you helped me during our short period together. Thank you very much – I believe that your coaching has made a big difference in my professional trajectory and overall work-like satisfaction.” “Thank you for your insightful and compassionate work with our Office.” “Thank you for facilitating very meaningful coaching sessions. I am hopeful that we are on the path towards more transformational versus transactional leadership. You have armed us with good tools and insights. “Thank you again for helping to bring clarity to my individual leadership purpose!” “We indeed accomplished a lot and I do feel more confident as a result of our coaching sessions… so big thank you to you.” “Many thanks for your very helpful coaching. It was time well spent.” “Thank you for the coaching session. I found it extremely useful.”  – Managers, U.S.

“At a personal level, it was quite a useful process of self-discovery and for that, I derived maximum benefit out of it. The one complementary benefit was at a group level, manco, where some of the fundamental leadership mindsets and behaviours were addressed. We even collectively took away a set of actions to drive as a Manco. Overall, useful intervention worth the time spent.” – Ntsopana Mafa, Head of Department, South African Bank Note Company.

“In the final analysis, we count for something only because of the essential we embody, and if we do not embody that, life is wasted.” – Carl Jung

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